Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Epic Life Quest

This will be a work in progress post all about what I would like to do in life. Some of it is just purely for fun, others are more serious. This is something I came across while reading Brent Ozar's blog, Steve Stedman, Derik Hammer, and the original starting of this idea being Nerd Fitness.I loved the idea so much, I had to start on it right away!

I will start blogging about the items that are already completed, to fill in why I am listing them even though I am starting it in Nov 2017. :)  It will take a little time to get them all explained but I will link it here as they are done.

Outdoor Adventure

  • restore my canoe
  • snorkel
  • stand up paddle boarding
  • learn to surf
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • sail a boat
  • white water rafting
  • see a coral reef
  • jump out of an airplane
  • learn how to fly a plane
  • climb an indoor rock wall
  • mud wrestle
  • participate in a paintball match
  • win a paintball match
  • see a spectacular waterfall that is off the beaten path
  • be in a place where no one is around and scream at the top of my lungs!

North American Escapades

  • see the northern lights in Alaska
  • hike in the grand canyon
  • see the hollywood sign
  • see a white Christmas
  • visit the Northern most point of the USA
  • visit the Eastern most point of the USA (completed)
  • visit the Southern most point of the USA
  • visit the Western most point of the USA

International Escapades

  • attend a wedding in India (all that dancing!)
  • ride in a gondola
  • attend a luau
  • explore a rain forest
  • go on a safari
  • learn French
  • learn sign language
  • obtain dual citizenship
  • walk/see the great wall
  • backpack across europe
  • attend a HOLI festival in India
  • swim in the world's largest swimming pool
  • visit Australia

Healthy Living Ambitions

  • participate in a 5K race
  • do a handstand
  • drink only water for a full week
  • walk 10K steps a day for ## days in a row
  • 5K steps a day for ## days
  • be able to hold the plank position for a full minute
  • drink healthy home-made smoothies daily for ## days in a row
  • start an herb garden

Financial Aims

  • have 3 months of bills in savings
  • save create a source of passive income
  • save make a kiva loan
  • pay off student loans
  • have no credit card debt
  • be in the red - no debt from bills (other than variable monthly expenses)
  • save money
    • save $5K
    • save $5K
    • save $10K
    • save $25K
    • save 50K
    • save $100K
    • save $500K
    • save $1M

Be Nice to Others

  • send a care package to a soldier
  • build a house with habitat for humanity
  • put change into someone's expired meter
  • learn and say .. hello and thank you ... in 10 languages
  • pay a toll on a toll road for the person behind me
  • plant a tree
  • help raise $### for charity

Learn about me

  • find a hobby or interest
  • have a true friend
  • be a true friend
  • control my emotions better
  • dont be so defensive
  • find my happy place
  • dye my hair a crazy color
  • have my palm read
  • do 24-hours of silence
  • do a boudoir photo shoot
  • send flowers to myself
  • get a tattoo - just to be taboo?- maybe henna?

Professional Aspirations

  • write a blog post each week
    • 4 weeks in a row
    • 12 weeks in a row
    • 52 weeks in a row
  • figure something out before others do
  • wake up early AM ## days in a row
  • attend PASS summit at least once
  • be able to successfully pass an interview by both Sean and Jen McCown, Brent Ozar, Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones and Allan Hirt
  • present a session in Australia
  • present a session in Europe

Learn new skills

  • become a photographer
  • have a photograph I took in a magazine
  • have a photograph I took in a newspaper
  • tap dance
  • carve a wooden spoon
  • carve a wooden hummingbird - just like my father, uncle and grandfather
  • walk on stilts
  • learn pole dancing
  • extract honey from a bee hive
  • learn to knit
  • learn to crochet
  • learn to juggle
  • learn to make tasty boiled peanuts
  • learn to speed read (or read much faster)

Just for fun

  • attend a masquerade party
  • attend a murder mystery dinner
  • go on a cruise
  • learn how to bartend
  • attend a las vegas show
  • attend a drag show
  • write my name in wet cement
  • throw a theme party
  • create a really messy painting on a decent sized canvas

Just for fun - after losing weight

  • wear a kick ass red dress and go in public somewhere
  • learn to salsa dance
  • salsa dancing with partner
  • fly in a blimp
  • fly in a helicopter
  • fly in a private jet
  • go in a submarine
  • meet oprah

Completed Objectives

  • Swim with manatees - done
  • make a tie dye shirt - done
  • start a blog - done
  • go to a renaissance festival - done
  • bake a cake for someone special - done
  • make a balloon animal - done
  • be a clown - done
  • get a college degree - done
  • vacation solo - done
  • vacation with a stranger - done
  • have a guiness in ireland - done

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