• RIP Cursor - took you down from 90 mins to 5 mins

    I finished something recently, that I am very proud of - I literally had to hold on to my chair at my desk to not jump up and shout Wooo-Hooo! I tore into a cursor and obliterated it!! :)  I wanted to talk about the process of the transformation - just thought I would record my thoughts so that hopefully they will help someone.

    I work in the health care industry, and the cursor is used to calculate the number of active patients for each day.The dataset has an admit date and a discharge date, along with some other things. Due to the way the transactional database is set up, there are important conditions to make sure you get the correct insurance, etc. for past dates and such. The total number of active patients can change due to late data entry and/or mistakes, therefore the entire summary table is re-built each night.

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