• DBA and Project Management?

    What do Database Management and Project Management have in common?  I am finishing up the piece of paper that some would call a Bachelor's degree (I only say it that way because I havent learned much during the several years it has taken me to pay for it on my own - mostly because I have learned everything myself).

    One of the last classes I have to take is Project Management.  I am excited about this class, but at the same time a little non-chalant about it.  I hope to glean some wonderful information about the topic, but this is also something where I have learned quite a few things along the way.  I have had some great teachers in the form of co-workers, who have helped me get the knowledge I have today.  I have also gone through some trial and error situations to learn what works best for me. 

    It took a long time to understand that I have to have something written down for me to remember it - and I had to change my processes to actually write everything down in the same place!  Now, though, I have a system that works well for me.  I am flexible with the software I use to keep my projects list, but it is the consistency that I cherish.  While this is more along the lines of Time Management, I am glad that I have these skills before this class.

    I will be posting in the Project Management category while I am learning so that I can actually keep the knowledge in my brain, well hopefully!  I will also probably come up with a presentation on this exact topic - What a DBA needs to know about Project Management - or maybe How Project Management skills help a DBA. :)

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