I started this site mainly to use for personal use (I have to write stuff down or I will forget it), but it has morphed into more.  I am hoping something I write helps someone along the way!  I am using it to document stuff I have come across and how I have solved or implemented the solution.  If you find something that is helpful, GREAT!; if not, please check back sometime. :)

I did enable comments, so please feel free to leave your feedback.  I do ask that you please be curteous.  I love constructive feedback/criticsm, but if you plan on being crude/rude, do remember "If you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Note: Overall I am a happy person and I tend to be excited about stuff - you will see quite a lot of smilies.  I DO actually smile when I type a smiley (I had no clue others didnt until someone pointed it out to me during my gaming days).  :)

Thank you!



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