Helpful links

When I run across a link that I find very helpful, I will share with everyone here:


  • Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group - no matter where I live, I will never forget this group - they are WONDERFUL!
  • DBAs@Midnight Webshow - I have met both Sean and Jen and love catching up with them when I can!  They are a wealth of knowledge and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. 
  • Brent Ozar company blog - I love the amount of resources you can find for free and the regular office hours web-casts they do (the images help make it more fun too!).
  • SQL Workbooks - I love listening to Kendra teach! She keeps things light and interesting and helps you understand they why behind a question in a way that sticks.
  • SQLPassion - Klaus teaches SQL in "quickie" bursts which helps with packed schedules.  He also actually builds CPUs by hand - wow!
  • Jamie Thompson - When I started using SSIS, searches for issues always led me to his blog.  He helped me learn and get through some tough issues!
  • John Sansom - He was one of the first bloggers I started following and I have referenced his posts many times over the years (and I love the crosswords). I am also a sucker for an accent, and I have always imagined he has one! - lol
  • Microsoft eBooks 1 - Free Giveaway of many, many ebooks from a variety of topics
  • Microsoft eBooks 2 - More free ebooks from Microsoft from a variety of topics in the Microsoft Virtual Academy
  • ThoughtWorks Technology Radar - This is a report that shows upcoming technology and trends, updated every 6 months or so

Videos galore:

  • Group By - This has a lot of videos where people in the community are presenting.
  • SQL Bits - Here is the list of previous sessions.

Links to helpful podcasts:

  • SQL Down Under - this site hosts a multitude of podcasts to listen to, dating all the way back to 2005
  • Run As Radio - this site has over 400 episodes about a variety of Microsoft products
  • .NET Rocks! - this site hosts podcasts which are more developer centric, but plenty of topics that are useful for all IT people
  • People Talking Tech - this site was hosted by Denny Cherry and includes some great nuggets to listen to


  • /r/Powershell - this is the reddit category listing for Powershell



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