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I was fortunate to receive a copy of the DBA Roadmap in the SQL Saturday event in Baton Rouge, LA, on Sat, Aug 4, 2012 (http://dbaroadmap.com/). It was perfect timing - I have enough skills to know I like DBA work a lot, but need a lot more learning/info before I would ever consider myself a DBA. I was thrilled and was really looking forward to going through it fully.

I have listened to the first couple of sessions of the roadmap now and like it a lot. Previous to the SQL Sat event where I met them, I had listened to a couple of their webcasts and videos, and love the banter between them. They make you feel engaged in the discussion even though you arent there - this does the same thing!

The introduction track is available to listen from the website, and well worth the time to listen to. It is right on target with what they present within the sessions.

The tracks for "How to Study" and "What to Study" really gives good insight into having a routine and discipline to learning how to be a DBA. Not just "yea - you need to learn stuff", but makes you think about what works best for you and your environment.

Something I am going to mention to them (that is why I am writing this blog post - so I dont forget to email them) - I wish it gave some direction on somewhat ranking what is NEED TO KNOW to learn first, what is important but can wait for the second round of learning, and what is a "nice to have" - specifically from a beginner's point of view. For example, backups and restores should belong in the first bucket of NEED TO KNOW - however, other things like installation can maybe wait for the next round of learning. I know this will be different for different environments - probably noone is going to have the same list. But, from their perspective, what general things that are basic stuff that should be learned first so that the other stuff builds on it? Maybe this comes down to take a good look at your environment and see what is lacking. If you need backups, then learn that stuff first. If performance is lacking, these types of things are what would make sense to learn first, etc. I could be trying to trivialize something that due to the complexities of the industry isnt really going to work, but it would be nice to have an idea of the pivotal topics to start with, and then expand as you need for your environment. I think it would help give a semi-direction of topics to start with since it can be overwhelming at first, not knowing what is good to start with.

I wil write more as I finish more of the sessions. I am looking forward to the resume building and interviewing topics. I know that my skills are pretty good (shameless plug - thanks DAD!), I am normally the one who helps others out. But, I am anticipating their perspective.

For more information about Sean and Jen McCown, you can visit www.midnightdba.com - you will enjoy them a lot!

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