Transformations Not Visible When You Open A Package

This isnt a "problem", its just really annoying. :) When I open some of my SSIS packages (2008 R2), I have to scroll to the left and up just to see my transformations. I put up with it for a long time, but when I got to work today (on a Monday), I was already tired and a bit upset. Then, I said "enough is enough!" and promptly tried to fix this. What I noticed for each of the packages that were like this, was the text was smaller, almost like the zoom was different than on other packages.

I looked and looked for a zoom in the menu options - but I didnt see anything. So, last but not least, I right clicked in the Control Flow open space (there are several things I access from there) and Voila! Here are the steps for fixing this:

  1. Right-click in the Control Flow open space
  2. Choose Zoom... 100 %
  3. Make a small change to a transformation (just move it a little)
  4. Save and close the package
  5. Open the package -a nd again... voila!

Its crazy how easy that was and how long I put up with it. :) Hope this makes someone's day, like mine.

For those of you who are much more of a code junkie and dont want to use the GUI, you can use the "view code" and change the "PersistedZoom" value to 100. You will also have to open the designer and move a package, then save and close in order for the change to be seen.

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